Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some of my favorite projects are that way only because I did them at the very last minute. Despite this I usually have my homework done at least a day before it's due. I'm in an online printmaking class and deadlines are always at midnight. Well it was about 11:40 and I still had to make a print on a found piece of paper. The design was someone elses so to make the print our own we found paper that we thought fit. I started glancing my whole room down for something interesting to print and this vintage christmas book I got at a thriftstore caught my eye. I hated tearing out any part of it but once I saw this image there was no going back. I knew it would work perfect to repeat my stamps, it was just the right size. I also havea love of silouettes. So anyways, I printed it quickly and got it scanned and posted online by midnight. Hooray!

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hjmart said...

Great work and fast thinking! Thank you very much for your comment! I love reading artists' biographies and learn about their lives. Every life is a journey!

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