Tuesday, April 14, 2009


okay, so I'm not one to check perez's site all the time or anything, but I think actors and musicians are pretty cool so I'm going to start illustrating them and putting them in my etsy shop. I think it will do well on etsy and get me a little cash. We had an amazing illustrator come lecture at school last week, his name is John Hendrix, and he does all kinds of different figures in his work. He even did a piece with all the men that have been on sex in the city racing against eachother. So amazing, but anyways.. i'm bringing this up because he said something like if you can capture the faces of celebrities you can make a career out of it as an illustrator.. I would love to do that! It's sticking to the realism I grew up striving for - except I dont have to take myself complelety serious since they are afterall just celebrities. I'm not sure why I started with Gwyneth Paltrow today.. I think I had Royal Tannenbaums on the mind. I think there was a little fate in it involved too because when I went to school there were all these portrait ellipse shaped mats free for anyone to take.. perfect! I'm not completely happy with the painting but I think it still looks like her. Let me know if you think it looks like her! It's hard to decide myself after looking at it so much while working on it.

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katy said...

wow, great job! i loved her in the royal tennenbaums. such a good movie!

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