Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drawing Finals

School is done and I've finally documented all my work from the whole semester. I'll probably start posting it throughout the summer and also keep up to date on what I'm currently working on. This was my final for my current drawing class which is Color and Mixed Media. I first used acrylic paint and covered it with a layer of "nupastel" chalk-ish pastels. I really enjoyed mixing the two mediums. To get the correct colors of objects it is very easy to use the nupastels in many layers of different colors. I think it's even easier than spending time mixing paint and cleaning brushes. It does have an aesthetic of its own, which I have to say I personally like only painted pieces more aestetically, but this was still a lot of fun to do, and I learned a lot about using color! I'll be posting the rest of my favorite works from the class in the future. The subject manner is very dear to me because it is the seating space of a coffee shop I've loved working at for a year now. There is a fourth piece to the series but I didn't see it as good enough to post with the others. I've never drawn a space before without figures, so having a space that I wanted to draw gave me a lot more patience with it.


audreyscountrycrafts said...

Those are really amazing!! I need to get out my brushes. Maybe tomorrow. LOL

Jen said...

You are so talented! I wish you all the luck with them when you list them!

gina-marie said...

oh lol wasn't planning on listing them, they were just my final for a class :)

illi said...

Great work! :D

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